Sunday, June 3, 2012

Growing for You

We are getting ready for CSA deliveries to begin this week, all of our hard work is starting to come in. Last week was our first week to begin harvesting summer squash, they are beautiful. Black Zucchini, Yellow Straightneck, Crookneck, Flying Saucers and Zephyr's are giving us a 'load' of squash. The Lemon, Tonda (round zucchini), Sunburst and White Scallops will start coming off this week. The phrase "A Squash is a Squash" is not true, each of our varieties have their own unique flavor. They can all be prepared in similiar fashion from raw, steamed, boiled, sauteed, stuffed, fried, baked, grilled or roasted, did I miss anything.

We get alot of question on how do fix your squash and which one is your favorite. To answer that we first say, we do eat what we grow but due to our busy summer schedule it is difficult for me to spend alot of time working with 'advance' recipes. The simplier the better for me and plus that I have a very difficult time getting away from the basic squash & onions with salt and pepper! I did venture away from the norm last week and combined several varieties squash along with RADISHES tossed with our 'Oil of Paicines' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that we sell by the way, Himalayan Sea Salt from Further Foods that are vendors at the Franklin Farmers Market and roasted them. The combination with the radishes was delicious and still simply to do. As for our favorite, all of them! The scallop type squash do very well on a grill because they don't melt down as quickly as straight types do. How do you like your squash?

Another question we get asked is, "How do you and Ben do all of this?" We have had temporary help in the past years but this March a young man stopped by our place asking if we had any work he could do. I was just heading out to set onions and decided to give him a chance, the rest of the story is "he is a blessing" to us. He is adapting well to farm work and is 'growing' with us. His name is Steven and you might get to see him at some of the Farmers Market we attend. He and Ben converted an old livestock feed wagon into a t-post storage area/vegetable picking shelter that will make it alot easier for us to get the crops out of the field.

Come find us at the markets we attend and say hello, if your looking for a farmer...we can help! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 CSA's Open

For our 6 wonderful followers and others that lurk, it is CSA time again. It appears I am totally behind on blogging on this site, oops! Hopefully 2012 well bring more blogs and exciting news from our farm.

We are so excited about this 2012 CSA Season. We have been able to acquire additional ground to farm and we be able to offer more CSA Shares along with a larger selection of produce. We have also obtained farm implements that will make our farming alot easier and less stressful.

Ben has been busy repairing and maintaining our farm equipment and I've been busy looking through seed catalogs; what a job!

For the month of January we are offering a CSA Membership Special, pay half during the month of January and the balance by April 4th. Great way to ensure your Share for the 2012 Season. For the 2012 Season we will have Full Shares, Half Shares and Bi-Weekly Half Shares available every week. Our seasn begins the first week in June and continues through the end of September. Additional 4 week "Fall Option" is available for the month of October.

Full Share....17 Week = $544.00.....21 Week = $644.00
Half Share...17 Week = $323.00.... 21 Week = $383.00
Bi-Weekly.... 9 Week = $243.00.... 11 Week = $283.00

Email, call or visit our website to obtain an Application.

Tell us if you read about this Special on our Blog. Let us be your Farmer this year.