Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ahhh Spring!!

Peas popping, flowers blooming, red buds budding, we have Spring Fever!

We are busy getting seeds started in the greenhouse and preparing the fields, love this time of the year. We will have some of our tried and true vegetables available along with several new items this season. We will have a list posted here and on our website soon.

Still time to purchase our 2011 CSA Shares. Our CSA Season is for 18 weeks, we are offering 3 sizes of shares, Full - Half - BiWeekly. Full Shares are 1/2 Bushel of assorted produce that are being harvested each week, Half Shares are 1/4 bushel available weekly and our BiWeekly is a Half Share availabe every other week. When available we will include some of our Value Added products such as Sour Dough Bread, Sweet Bread and Bars. We are excited to announce we have Co-op with Egg and Meat Vendors to have those products available for purchase.

Shares Prices are: Full $576, that is $32 a week for 1/2 bushel of various produce. Half, $341, $19 a week and BiWeekly $243, $27 every other week. Fresh Farm Produce every week, what could be better?

Drop off locations are currently on Wednesday at East Nashville Farmers Market 3:30-6p, Thursday on our Farm 4:30-6p and at Stones River Locally Grown in Murfreesboro 5:00-6p, Friday at Rutherford Co. Farmers Market 6-12noon and Saturday at Franklin Farmers Market 8-1p.

Applications available through our website, see link in right column or by emailing us. We are always open to suggestion on produce, drop off locations or how we can make your CSA experience better with us.

Look forward to being your farmer!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We've Started Planting YEAH!

We have the "Planting Fever" with the beautiful weather the past few days. Reminding ourselves that it is February and winter is not over. For us the only thing that can be planted right now is English Peas, they like cold feet and can withstand light frost, plus that it takes about 3 weeks before we'll see them sprout here. Ben tilled up a couple rows to start with and we planted 160 feet Tuesday and another 160 feet today of what will be delicious Sugar Snap Peas. The ground tilled up beautifully, fluffy and the smell was of rich loam! The soil was like silk in my hands. Oh, how I've missed the dirt under my nails! In a couple more weeks we'll plant a couple more rows and begin seeding trays in our greenhouse.
Remember to sign up early for our 2011 CSA Subscriptions. During the month of February only we are offering a Membership Special. Deposit HALF of your share fee and pay the balance by April 4th. This is a great way to ensure you will have a share with us this season before they sell out. Email us for an application or it can also be found at our website, link is in the right side column.
Ben and I took a day trip to the Farm Equipment Show yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky. We had the opportunity to visit with the dealers of Mechanical Transplanter and saw the Jang Planters that will be great for our small seed corps. It is most definately on this years wish list. We were like kids in a candy store! We walk through every building and throughly enjoyed ourselves.
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Think warm!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 CSA Subscriptions Available

While there is snow outside and we can't do much in the fields, we are busy taking inventory of seeds and reading through seed catalogs. The 2011 Farm Season will soon be here and we are excited about this years upcoming plans.

2011 CSA Subscriptions are now available. We will have a 18 week season this year. Beginning first week in June and ending October 1st. Full, Half and Bi-Weekly are available. Full Shares are $576, average $32 a week, Half Shares are $342, averages $19 a week, Bi-Weekly Shares are $243, averages $27 every other week.

Here is a picture of one of our Full CSA Shares from last season.
Our produce list can be found on our website. We will attempt to put some listings in future blog postings.
You can still find us selling Soups and Breads at the Franklin Farmers Market every Saturdays from 9-11am and online with the Stones River Locally Grown Market, links are to the right.
Thanks for visiting blog, check back often to see what we have updated.
2011 Resolutions is to be better about blogging! I know we did that last year, hopefully this year will be better!