Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy at the Markets and Farm

Here we are at the Cannon County Farmers' Market today, June 27. We are selling at 4 Farmers Markets a week along with the Internet Market and keeping up with "the pickin's". All the Markets are going well.
It is still early in the season for tomatoes and corn but rest assured they will be here soon. We picked a handfull of White Currants and Fox Cherrys few days ago and they were so good. Ben sliced a couple Fox Cherrys and made himself a tomato sandwich, you know your craving tomatoes when you start slicing a cherry tomato!
With the pop up rain showers we've had the garden is growing fast and so are the weeds. We've been busy trying to stay ahead of the weed and grass growth and still manage the picking. As you can see in the picture squash has arrived in abundance, from left to right: Lungo Bianco (White Zucchini), Tatume (Catherines favorite), Flying Saucer (Scallop), Yellow Straightneck, Black Zucchini and on the end Golden Zucchini. The Tatume is a zucchini and popular in Texas and extremely tasty, dice with onions, sautee until tender, add fresh corn or frozen and Anaheim Green Chili's and simmer for 10-15 minutes, top with diced tomatoes and cheese, makes a delicious side dish.
Hope to see you at the Markets. Remember pre-orders are welcomed for produce and baked goods.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A 3 Market Week

Well we made it through the week. We had the East Nashville Market on Wednesday and on Friday we had the Opening of the Rutherford County Farmers' Market and today the Opening of our Cannon County Farmers' Market. With the pickin' and a bakin' and a loadin', there wasn't much time for a restin'. After arriving home from market today, we took a very much needed nap.

The Markets were all good this week. We must confess, we've been very apprehensive about the new location of the Rutherford Co. Farmers Market and Friday's opening day really surprised us. Very pleased with the turnout of customers and vendors, several new vendors with a nice array of products. Enjoyed meeting several new people and seeing past customers. Today, we opened the Cannon Co. Farmers Market and had a very good morning, met new people and caught up with previous customers and Ben really enjoyed watching the Rolling Thunder Club ride up to the Square for a Veterans Memorial Program. We was trying to barter produce for a Harley, not a ride, the bike!

This coming week we will be in full swing with all the Markets! Tuesday in Murfreesboro, Wednesday in East Nashville, Friday in Murfreesboro again and complete the week with our Market here in Woodbury.

The rain this past week has sure powered up the garden, all the varieties of summer squash are coming off in an abundance and bush beans are almost ready to start havesting. Fresh garlic will be ready in about 3 weeks, we've been cutting off the scapes and making pesto and stir-fry, we will still have some available at the market this next week. We'll have radishes, kale, cucumbers, onion, and an array of summer squash at the markets along with baked goods.

We accept pre-orders on all our produce and specialty baked items. We know there are people who can't get to the Markets early and this way you will be sure to get an item before it sells out be pre-ordering.

Look forward seeing you at the Markets.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Farmers' Market Season is Open

Welcome to Flying S Farms Blog site. We have been busy getting ready for our Market Season. The early Spring rains set us back a little but things are beginning to grow and we've begun harvesting Summer Squash and several cool season vegetables. You can find a complete listing of what we are growing this season on our website under 'Produce', We are offering CSA's (Community Support Agriculture) this season, information is also available on our website. This is a great way to participate in our Farm and receive a wide variety of produce and some delicious Baked items each week.

We will blog here what will be available for the week and as in the past, pre-order are welcomed by calling or emailing us.

We have already started selling our delicious Baked Goods and few veggies at the East Nashville Farmers' Market located at 210 S 10th Avenue on Wednesday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. If you get a chance, come see us. Find more information about the market on their website

On Friday, June 12th, the Rutherford County Farmers' Market will open. It will be at the new location off of John Rice Boulevard, back behind the Rutherford Co. Extension Offices. Market hours are Tuesday and Friday 6am to 11am. Be sure to come early for the best "pickin's".

The following day, June 13th will be opening day for the Cannon County Farmers' Market. Located on the Square around the Courthouse in Woodbury. Hours are Saturdays, 6am to 10am or until produce runs out. We are excited about our local market this season, with the help of an advertising grant you can find out "What's Pickin at the Market" at this is made available through our internet newspaper The local radio station, WBRY, will also be making available a website for the Cannon County Farmers' Market and we'll post that information as it comes available.

You can also find Flying S Farms on the internet at This is our second season selling with this group. It is a virtual market where you can choose from a list of items available from several vendors including us, place your order and pickup at one of the pickup sites available. Christiana, Murfreesboro and Nashville are some of the pickup sites. This is new to our area and it is a growing thing across the nation; when you can't make it to a Farmers' Market, you can now by way of the internet.

As you can tell, we are going to be busy this season and really looking forward to providing you with a wide variety of Farm Fresh and Locally Grown Produce and Specialty Baking that will make your mouth water for more!

Look forward seeing everyone this Market Season.

Catherine and Ben Simmons