Monday, August 10, 2009

All Sorts of Tomatoes!

Tomatoes everywhere this past week! With the drier weather, tomatoes are looking better, bigger and turning ripe. Along with tomatoes the two varieties of Okra we grow are really producing; if you haven't tried the Star of David okra yet, you are missing out on a delicious experience. S.O.D. is a short fat okra, has a thicker wall than the traditional type you see at the Markets, when sliced it gives you a nice medallion when fried with a good okra flavor.

We harvested Sugar Baby Watermelons this past weekend, filled the back of the truck and will sort sizes today to take to the Markets this coming week.

Hard to believe that Schools are starting and summer is almost over, but we will still have several varieties of produce available, the new squash plants are getting ready to bloom, the Parker Half Runner Beans and Ideal Market Stringless Beans almost ready to started picking, limas beans are filling in their pods and pumpkins are turning orange! Field Peas have shoots on them and it will not be long before we have a good mess of peas....peas and cornbread..yumyum. Silver Queen Corn is about a week from harvest! We will have different types of greens later in season toward fall.

When you see us at the Markets, please let us know you read our Blog :)