Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky Year!

It has been a great farming year, with over 8 inches of rain in the past couple weeks our farm is "growing wild". This much rain can and has damaged some crops but in contrast of being dry as in years past, we'll take the rain.

Visitors to our farm have asked "why the horseshoes on the posts?" Approximately 50 to 100 years ago our farm was part of a larger farm that used mules and horses to work the farm. As they worked the animals would loose shoes from time to time and now 50 to 100 years later we are finding the horseshoes as we work the farm with a 'John Deere Tractor'. Each Spring as we work the field we turn up horseshoes and began collecting them. We display them on post for that growing season. Last year we only found one shoe but this year we've found 7-1/2 shoes. Folklore tells you to turn them upward so our luck doesn't run out! At the end of the growing season they are put with all the others we've collected over the years.

We have been very busy since our last blog. The farm is almost at peak production. Tomatoes are ripening and Silver Queen Corn is about 2 weeks away from harvest. We've seeded more squash, cucumbers, field peas and corn for September and October harvest.

If you'd like to see more pictures of our farm and markets we attend, we are on Facebook.

We've also started a Sizzling Summer and Fall Harvest CSA, runs from July to end of October, more information for it is on our website.

Until next blog, remember to support your local farmers and farmers markets. Buy Fresh, Locally Grown Produce, there is nothing better!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sizzling Fourth

We had a very busy week leading up to the Fourth of July. Veggie do not take holidays or vacations and we had 'a plenty' to harvest! As you can see in the Fridays' Rutherford County Farmers' Market picture, we had a full table! It was an awesome market, never seen that many folks at the Market before, had several new customers to the market.
Past Tuesday the Tennesse Department of Agriculture did a 'Photo-op' of our Domestic Kitchen and will feature us in their Annual Report about The Domestic Kitchen Rule. Last Thursday we also had our annual inspection and received a 97! Hopefully all the outside distraction are over and we can focus on pickin' and a bakin'.
Should be seeing tomatoes soon on our tables, corn will probably be ready end of July. Planted another acre over the weekend for a September harvest. Okra is beginning to bloom and is not too far away from getting on the table.
Next blog we'll tell you about some of our summer squash varieties and how to prepare them.
If there are any products you are interested in getting and can't make it to the Markets, please email us and place an order, we'll be happy to deliver them or meet you somewhere. There is no reason not to enjoy Locally Grown Farm Fresh Produce and Baked Goods, we can make it happen for you.